Walk Away...

Is there a good time to walk away
Shaking you head knowing that I should have stayed
Crying but I know that turning around would make it worse
And now i’m reaching for a tissue that is inside my purse
the reason I should go back is what I see
The word “I love you” written from you to me
I have to walk away for I know this is wrong
So ill take the walk ever so long
Missing you the more steps I take
Screaming inside go back for my own sake
Walking away should be a sin on my love
From now on he is the one that I will dream of
Holding the words written down in my shaking hand
All a sudden makes me think if I will ever understand
I’m waking away making you think that my feelings died
But now I just want to hide
I’m walking away because I cant wait any longer
But the pull is stronger and stronger
The tears hit the ground as I stop dead in tracks
The old notes triggers my mind good flash backs
Please stop me if you know that I am wrong
But ill be gone soon if you take to long...

by Michelle Guza

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