GS (1966 / )

Walk Away

The house is clean and spotless
and smells of fresh baked bread
the laundry is all folded
the kids asleep in bed

He's way too late again
it's typical you know
as she waits upon the sofa
she thinks 'I need to go'
walk away

She hears his car pull up
and the slamming of his door
it's something she has grown to dread
a thousand times before

He stumbles through the door
kicking off his shoes
from eighteen feet away
she can still smell the booze

With slurring words he mumbles
'Honey, Am I late
I can smell the dinner
but I've already ate'

I stopped at Manny's for a drink
and all my buds were there
Sorry that I didn't call
I didn't think you'd care

She bolts up from the sofa
and run into the kitchen
while crying out 'This must stop'
He shouts 'Oh, stop your bitchin' '
walk away

You do this to me all the time
You drink and drink and drink
then come home with no remorse
no guilt and plus you stink

With that he grabs her by the arm
'How dare you F'cking C__T! '
She tries to pull herself away
but his fist is hard and blunt

She falls on the kitchen floor
and wipes her bloody nose
he fumbles for the car keys
and down the street he goes
walk away

She opens up the bedroom door
her angels are sleeping tight
and loneliness and heartache
are her only friends tonight

Breaking up is hard to do
yet somehow God I pray
bless her with the courage
to simply... walk away

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