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Walk Away
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Walk Away


I walk away from everything
Trying to hide the way I feel
I used to live with a wall around me
And never let anyone in
Every since my grandfather died
I have faced more pathways then ever
No one understands who I am or
How much I loved my grandfather
I lost something that can never
Be replaced a best friend
I always change who I am
I act different around certain people
I try to hide tears behind my eyes
And pretend to be ok
I walk away from it all
I bury it trying to for get it
Forget the life I once knew
Trying to figure out
Who the hell I am
17 I should know who I am
Walking away from everyone
Not wanting them to come close
Afraid I will hurt them
Everyone talks about stuff that
I can never relate to
When they ask what about you
I just walk away
Walking away from my fears everything that
I have ever seen or touch
I've never had dream come true like most have
Never had anyone walk into my life
I just walk away from my life not wanting
To face to the facts
Just want to live in a fantasy world
Where I can stay and not walk away

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