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'Walk Away'
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'Walk Away'

The sun came up again today.. and though your still not here,
I can't see a reason why.. that I should shed a tear,
But I wipe my eyes.. and I go on.. to face another day,
While the shadows of your memory.. in my head begin to play,
After all the years.. after all the times.. after all that we've been through,
How could you turn and walk away.. while I'm still in love with you,
What more to life.. is there than love.. though some shall never know,
But I can barely breathe at all.. for my heart will not let go,
What words to say, to touch your heart.. and bring you back to me,
To show you all the love we had.. and what it still can be,
To give our love.. just one more chance.. before you walk away,
And hear the words inside my heart.. that I could never say

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