AD (3/5/1984 / Colorado)

Walk Away

The things they design aren't for the weak.
Even though they slap you around, you turn your cheek.
No more hurt in you, you're in the driver's seat.
Back behind those walls like pushing repeat.

They can control you but never your mind.
Looking for freedom, you think it's so hard to find.
Staring you straight in your face,
But you're still behind, falling out of place.

People only care and act like your friend
When you're on their side, they always pretend.
If you leave the game, just walk away.
All of those friends seem to disapate.

That's the way it works, no changing it now.
If you can get through then take a bow.
Even the strongest can take the big dive.
So your best bet is to try and stay alive.

Be your own person, be the best you can.
Even though others hate, be your biggest fan.
Never stop, don't lose your grip on the wheel.
Always stay true no matter how bad it feels.

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