Walk In

Poem By malini kadir

Walk in into my life;
Find the courage my love;
I am no simple wife......
A poetess; with out having taken a vow!

I am a lady fine; with out doubt!
And we are compatible; god has found
Moods have their ways of deadly bouts
Emotions overwhelm sometimes I am bound;

By the sheer depths of it
I sustain the heart strings beating
I walk to keep fit
Music lingers at the point of meeting;

Him at the citadel of hearts sat
I walk hands hooked with my life partner
Who bats at the helm; while I careless chat........
His strength of courage an example around the corner!

Admiring him and his ways
Trusting him with my whole heart......
Forever my love stays
An interwoven glimmering tangible part..........
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moot malini

Comments about Walk In

A really great poem, like it, a great write. May i invite you to read my poem called, For Paul Blackburn.

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