Walk Into My Hug

Walk into my hug
I am forever yours,
I will give my life to you
And teach you how to soar.

I am eternally yours
To hold and to be held,
For forever and a day
My heart feels so compelled.

Never will a day go by
That I'm not showing you,
Just how much I need you
In my life to see it thru.

For every morning early
When you first open your eyes,
I'll be there to greet you
And share in the new sunrise.

And all thru out our morning
You'll find me looking your way
I'll be your constant shadow
All thru out the day.

If you need a kiss hello
Even though you've gone no where
I'll glad give to you a dozen
And so my love so; beware.

I'll forever find excuses
To touch you all the time,
You'll never wonder for a second
If it you who's on my mind.

All thru out the day with you
I'll touch you tenderly,
I'll kiss you oh so often
My love comes guaranteed.

For as the day grows darker
And our day comes to an end.
I'll give you my every second
And in your arms I'll spend.

And as the shadows lengthen
And our day turns into night,
I'll be the one right by your side
Until the dawning of new light.

by Kristi Day

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