NE (August mid 70's / Manchester)

Walk Tall Kid

Bills money and my kids being bullied at school
Crying into my tea
I take down his picture
And think about what he would say to me

Walk tall kid
and wear some lippy too
You have life and beautiful children

Walk tall kid
and never say die
You have a smile that could break a tough mans heart

Walk tall kid
and mean what you say
You have clouds in your life, but they won't stay

Walk tall kid
and smile through the rain
You have me in your memory and my jokes on your brain

So I will drain my cup
and put away the pain
The School gates are opening
So I reach for my mask
I need it just so they don't see
That it's hurting me

Arms wrapped around them so tight
Wishing I could fight their battles
Knowing I can’t
I don’t’ know who is braver them or me

'Lets walk tall kids' I softly say
and we all smile

(this is a work in progress)

by Natasha Edwards

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Well, do not mind others if they are fools. Just be yourself, take your time and enjoy your freedom. Good write Natasha. A 10.