Walk Until I Feel My Joy

I met a great man
Who advised me one day
Of the pains and joys of life.
He held my hand
Until I could understand.
How issues unfairly change
What is your lifes commands.

This is what he said
As he laid in his bed.
While death knocked upon his door.
Listen my friend
For I will not speak again
This is one of some things
Everybody should know.

I get disgusted
Filled with anguish
And desperate despair.
I feel the pains of life
Cheat me out of trying to care.
But then I Walk
Until I Feel My Joy.

I cry sometimes
But not without remorse
About the little things
In my soul I really regret.
Then my heart tries to harden
Without remembering its core.
Then I Walk Until I Feel My Joy.

I stare into the night
When no darkness is there
To count up the cost
To prevent the enemies attack.
Then I step my foot forward
Without looking back
And Walk Until I Feel My Joy.

Sometimes when I'm happy
When I have not shedded a tear.
I remember my walks in fear.
But then I rejoice
For these encouraging words
Sent not by my choice
Walk Until I Feel My Joy.

As this day has come
That I shall close my eyes
And this life shall be no more.
Know I've stepped over
Over to the other side.
For I have Walked
Until I Feel My Joy.

As he closed his eyes
I closed mine
To be grateful
For the power of God.
To live and to learn
Such a tremendous lesson
Just to Walk Until I Feel My Joy.

by Cecelia Weir

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