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Walk With Me.

Take my hand and walk with me
Let us talk of life, of love
Of what could be.... us
The four corners of the world
They will keep our secrets
The earth our floor and all the sky,
Her comapnions will be our sanctuary

Words escape your heart and soul
Falling gracefully from your full pursed lips
Stimulating, caressing my mind, my heart, my every being
Pores of my cover welcomes the soothing calm
Your deep, yet gentle tone delivers

It calls me gently, softly, demanding
Taking my attention..submerging fears and doubts
The sound of your laughter waltzs accross my heart
Drawing a smile on my blushing face,
A sparkle in my eyes

Take my hand and let us dance
To the sound of a wordless, nameless tune
Know only to us....
Your voice and magical words will linger for days
And years, forever imprinted on my heart, my soul
Stimulate me, excite me....
Take me to a higher level
Let us talk of life, of love
Of what could

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Roald Dahl


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this is awesome, yeah i love it