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Walk With Me To The Fruit Mart

Walk with me today, to the fruit mart

Its nice and sunny already, lets get an early start

First come the bananas, yellow and ripe

Stacked like sentries, on green ramparts

The papayas stand next, red and round

A gaggle of young grapes, a giggling green mound

The royal mango has pride of place

This golden brawny fellow, has unforgettable taste

Demure kiwi fruit sit quietly to a side

Its coarse outer self hides a delightful inside

Bright oranges bound up and down,

Tangy, full of personality, you can’t ignore them, if one’s peeled around

Rosy cheeked apples sat prettily with green boyish ones

Granny pears nodded approvingly, at the young ‘uns

Aromatic pineapples lazily scented, the warm evening breeze

T’is an evening, that’s sure to please

Oh this rich fruit bounty ripened by the sun

Must be relished by the senses, and we’ve just begun!

by Anita Atina

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