Walk With You

I love you because…….
fill my heart.
The waves on the sea,
the kites in the air
remind me of you.
I feel sun on my skin,
I think,
we will walk
arm in arm,
the same sun will warm us.

There won't be time enough,
in a lifetime
to speak what is in our hearts.

My wish,
to walk with you,
and be by your side
for ever.

by Pamela Kewin

Comments (2)

Oh sure, you are in love! These feelings overwhelm when one is in love. Being in love is indeed heavenly! A sweet poem. This being your first poem posted to PH, I cordially welcome you to this forum. Looking forward to reading many more of your poems in the days ahead. If you can make time, I would be obliged if you would read a few of mine too and offer a word or two as feedback.
my wish to walk with you, good write, thanks. go on. I invite you to read my poems and comment.