VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Walkabout Town

Drank too many coffees, didn’t care for the cost
Strolling in this busy city, in Dublin to get lost
Cooling breeze on summers end, sunny milky haze
Which marks for me; the savouring of lazy days

Sitting here alone, yet here in amongst so many
So lost in wonder, I spent my last silver penny
Found a park not crowded, trees majestically sway
As though they were to mimic, this circulated living

Many children play, as generations do converse
In a moment so perfect, wishing time to reverse
Young lovers in courtship, and heartfelt embrace
Tender most kiss, I watched them within this place

Flowers intersperse, in amongst the shades of green
Where everything is calmed, perfected and so clean
Friends and lovers come, to dwell in this simplicity
Everything is beautiful, when we let go of hostility

Many hours in the sun, as I watch people walk pass
Far be from the city, overpopulated crowds do mass
I close my eyes and breath, the air here is so fresh
Luxuriate in relaxation; I am caught in natures mesh

As I look around, some people stare with curious eyes
Safe, and without a care in the world, of their demise
So many perspectives as foreign cultures alight here
In the park we are together without, judgement or fear

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Hi you see things just as I do everyday happenings, this I love in your work you can touch and see what surrounds you and you have the tallent to write about these things you see I too write simler I have a poem on site called 'A working class family' I think you will enjoy it, It may be a bit long but it will keep you there to the end. Your poem was great and I really enjoyed it cheers SYLVIE