Imagination To Reality

Swinging in recesses of my mind, enjoying the peace as
I go back and forth from imagination to reality, treat-
ing my soul to the energy of my passion as I write.

Kicking my feet into the air, pumping and swinging ever
higher, feeling lighter and happier through moments of
life, finding pleasure in little nonexistent things.

In reality, inventing the simplicity of daily life over
again through imagining everything outside the box, lov-
ing ideas that come from doing so.

Passion rising, liberty and freedom flow evenly through-
out my life, emptiness being drained from within, being
carried away down white rapids of an energetic mind.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (3)

Nice poem on hope.Likes it.
niely done i like it
Nic and short yet interesting