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shruti modi (31-01-1990 / kolkata)


I am walking
Around me is nobody
I am lonely, I am unhappy
Oh! such good were those days
When people were with me
Something is different, something is wrong
I have changed, they haven’t
I have grown, they still are the same
Boring I have become..
From the fun I had, I have discarded myself
People say I have changed …but wait!
Isn’t it possible even they have along with me?
Maybe they have grow and I have stagnated
They’ve moved ahead and I have stagnated
But I have been moving ahead, moving out of my habitat, experiencing more, exploring more
I have moved towards a direction, they are still there or have moved too…

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Comments (5)

words r lil for you poetess!
One day the whole world will walk with you..with your rules...a very nice write..comes straight from the heart and travels straight to the heart: -) Love Gul
It sounds like its from your heart. I agree an amazing write, im glad you could share.
You are indeed a poet of merit.
I understand you poem completely. This is an awesome write. You have changed for the better, don't step back. I am giving you a 10. Thank you for sharing, Linda