EHW ( / Denver, Colorado)

Walking Alone... Together

Walking with you in the evening
Along the bowered lane
Walking alone... together
In the slowly, falling rain.

There was no need to hurry, to reach the long lane's end
Walking alone... together... last moments we would spend
Under the weeping willow's boughs, listening to its tears
Falling to the wetted earth, upon our dullen ears

Walking alone... together... the time had come to part
As evening shadows gathered 'round my lonely, aching heart
You slipped your tiny hand in mine, you vowed that you'd be true
You promised you would think of me... I promised to think of you

A tolling of the evening bell... resounded loud and clear
Echoing in the twilight... we knew the time was near
Winding, twisting, wending our way 'round The Long Lost Bend
Walking alone... together... we reached the long lane's end

A shadowy moon was rising, stars glimmered in the sky
My tender heart was breaking and I asked the question, 'Why? '
'Why must I leave my true love, the One I hold so dear? '
The tolling of the evening bell... again rang loud and clear

As if the bell were speaking to my longing, yearning soul
It whispered softly, gently, 'She's yours to have... to hold'
Her hand I pressed against my lips, then held it to my heart
'I'll love you always, darling, 'til death do us part'

Hope sprang up within my heart...
A hope I'd never known
I now could go and leave her
The 'love seed' had been sown

by Elga Haymon White

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