MK (29-01-1987 / Hoorn/the Netherlands)


Today I can finally, truly, rejoice.
Cause I've done it, finally, for sure.
I've finally made my choice.
I've found my everlasting cure.
My place is picked, same for my day.
I'm to finally going to be forever free.
It to me feels like it was meant to be, that its okay.
I'm truly going to be finally happy to be me...

So I'm writing this, as a good-bye,
for I'm to be going home, to my heaven.
I've made my choice, the choice to die.
I've been fighting this choice since I was ten plus five.
But I can not fight any more
I want peace, I don't want any more tears.
I want to truly heal my core,
To rid myself of my fears.
So I've made my choice, even wrote it down.
It isn't today, or even to be next week.
But its soon, it is truly known, to me,
when my freedom will be mine to seek.
Accept my choice, my right.
Don't scream, and don't cry.
Cause I finally have peace in my sight.
Just smile at knowing I'll be free, don't ask why.
Because why is never answered, that I know
I've fought for years and years.
I never let the true me ever show.
The true me is where I cried my tears, held my fears.
You think this is what I wanted?
To die because of my pain, and by my hand.
Its not my fault I'm to be dead.
Its not something I would ever command.
It came from deep within my heart.
I knew it was for me, what I longed for.
I know it will tear everyone apart.
But I have to walk out that door.
To stay will be to die anyway.
But in walking away, to die.
I'm the one, not you, to pay.
Just accept it, don't ask why.
So good-bye, and love me for me.
Cause I'm to be finally free.
Just accept what is to be.
Just be happy for me.....

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