Walking Away

How easy it was,
To walk away,
How easy it was,
You chose not to stay.

How easy it was,
To make me a fool,
I thought you were nice,
I thought you weren’t cruel?

It seems I don’t know you,
Don’t know you at all,
It seems you’ve moved on,
As I continue to fall.

Never mind dear,
Life does go on,
It just goes to show,
How we can be wrong.

I’ll pick myself up,
As I always do,
Yesterday I loved,
Today I am through.

Can’t take anymore,
Can’t see you again,
Can’t live with the pain,
I have to say then.

Don’t go where I go,
Don’t call me or write,
Don’t come to my dreams,
In the middle of the night.

Don’t think of me,
On rainy days,
Don’t use me again,
In horrible ways.

To bring me some peace,
To make my heart glad,
That we were good friends,
It wasn’t a fad.

It wasn’t a phase,
That I had gone through,
For me it was real,
For me it was true.

So leave me alone,
To live happy views,
I’m done being nice,
Done trying to amuse.

Just stay away,
This is all that I ask,
Now can you do that?
Just do this last task.

by Aisha Sherazi

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