Walking Away From The Emotional Abuse Today...

How did I know this was going to happen again?
I guess its true all great things must come to an end
All though I’m not sure what we had was ever a great thing
You hurt me bad and told me you loved me
When all you ever did was isolate me
I can’t be with you when all you do is break me down
Emotionally abused is how I feel
Everyone told me to walk away but I kept listening to you
Losing everything that was important to me
Today is the day I’m walking away from it all
I don’t need you to tell me what a horrible person I am
Or how much you hate me one day and love me the next
How can you clam to love me when all you ever do is make me cry
Don’t lie to me telling me you care
That the same thing my father told me but he left too
I’m walking away from all the negative things you’ve been telling me
I will no longer be your victim of your emotional abuse
I am a wonderful beautiful person and won’t allow you to tell me anything different anymore
I’m walking away from the abuse today me and you will never be…

by Beautiful Disaster

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