Walking Down A Dirt Road

I think too much.

Laughing to myself
On a one way trip
Varying only in direction,
Eventually anticipating the stop.

Yesterday was a drift
Over the miles of heart strings
Under the world's lusty radar.

Inside, I feel her,

Wrapping close like cellophane,
Always closer than my own skin,
Next to a spirit
That tells me what I want to hear.

Younger souls might slip.
Obviously I am mad, a lunatic,
Using the final cord to prop me up...


No. My certainty
Evolves when you breathe
Electric life like my shroud
Down my neck,

Yellowed and crackling,
Obscured by the very thoughts
Understood to be reality.

Why don't you see me?
Have I not spread myself thin on
Every corner with a trace,
Reaching out for that
Ebullient desire which taunts me?

And still I wait,
Reveling in the tiny glow,
Escaped like a moth toward light.

Yin is still calling
Out for the Yang inside me,
Unstrung from all that can stop us.

by Tsani Jones

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