Walking Free In Chains....

The slow stream meanders through the densest undergrowth
finding its way through folly and brush and barriers
until at last it reaches a sea of understanding
where the waves crash and burn
tumble and roll in ecstatic freedom.

So do our lives, liberated from tense bondage
of social chains placed upon us
by tradition. We were born free
others wanted us locked in rituals
and rants prescribed
that satisfied their swollen egos
and their own insecurities in the chain
of progress.

Breaking out is not easy
but one must bulldoze through the miasma
to reach the thin light beckoning you
to leave your baggage behind
on an overcrowded platform
where the trains have just whistled past.

A long time ago, my mind was ablaze
in the jungle of dissent and I roamed the world
seeking the liked and unliked ideologies
to a better way to leave a mark of this fabric
of patterned prose and poetry.

Am I yet free? I don't know.
Tempt me with the taste of freedom.

Author Notes

Freedom has many shades.
© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, a month ago

by Marshall Gass

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