Walking In Circles

You know how some religious people are so silly
that they actually think anyone who disagrees
with them must be the devil in disguise? How
preposterous is that? They actually think there’s
an invisible guy lurking around trying to trick
them. See, they know the devil exists because
there always seems to be someone trying to trick
them, so it must be the devil because that’s what
the devil does – tries to trick people, and that’s
how they know he exists. If you point out that this
is circular logic, they don’t understand you, and
so they think you’re trying to trick them and
therefore you must be the devil. You have to ask
yourself how these people are able to walk and
talk at the same time.

by Professor Poetry Hound

Comments (3)

You tell em! A very witty look at a ridicilous problem in society. As far as I'm concerned, if Satan lives anywhere, it's in the angry mobs these idiots seem to form themselves into every time someone disagrees with them. Hugs Anna xxx
What's that you say, circular, the devil, all this recurrent fanaticism-if I were one of Those People, I'd be hypervigilant, all ears and eyes upon your description. Only Satan could write such things, and as the sign in Wichita read, 'Satin Lives'-even the evil-doers can't spell, much less give one. 'Satan/Satin, whatever'. I was raised with a constant influence of hellfire and brimstone from my father's father. I now consider this spiritual abuse, which is the end-all of all abuses-it destroys a person's trust and inherent self-love. To hear your version of the phenomenon, though, at this time in my life, is liberation and release and the best laugh I've had for centuries. Its because of you that I've been more open to writing about my upbringing, the crazy shit that got me where I am. Thanks, Phillip
I've been wondering whether you are just plain Poetry Hound, and now I know. This circular poem, circular thought, and circular belief makes me feel like I'm going in circles. Very funny...but very sad, too. Raynette