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Walking In My Shoes.

I didn’t think I could make it through the day
When she left and took her love away.
I begged for her to stay but all she could say was…. I’m leaving.
Hell it was hard breathing.
Even harder when she told me about him.
But let me pause………………. let me start where it really begins.
You know the story,
Boy see girl ……Boy likes girl.
Girl becomes his world.
I guess when you do plan a pretty picnic you really can’t predict the weather.
But I was young so I was like whatever.
It was something new, who would have knew
This one man army found love and it was true.
It was real, something I could really feel
I could touch and the sex was a plus
It was love….. She was like my heaven sent instrument sent from above.
How I just loved being inside
With every stroke while I looked deep in to her eyes
With every touch and every kiss
Drove me crazy like I was pulled in to an abyss
I wanted more and she made me feel like I was secure
In my mind I’m thinking this love could kill me foreshore
But we went on…… she showed me the tour
She always had away of making me want more
Every time I was inside her I wanted to go deep enough to touch here core
We used to die…… Fatigued in each others arms
Sweaty hands filled with sweaty plums
I was a worker she was a school girl
Two individuals stuck in two different worlds
I most admit I had some one else
But it was just a physical relationship….So I kept it to my self.
It was wrong but come to find out
She was doing the same thing with out a doubt.
Play or be played….. That’s the nature of the game.
Can you imagine me at work while she some where calling out his name.
I did my dirt and pulled out wit no sham.
At first our love was like a fantasy
We steady fought and grew apart like it was destiny
In my mind I’m thinking how can this be
Then she told me about him and how they had chemistry
How he understood
How he was there for here more then I ever could.
When Things change who’s to blame
Keep it moving charge it to the game
Hold your head up…. That’s what I was saying
That’s what I was saying to myself so I could fight the pain.
Two years four break ups and more tears
My worst fear
Just like that we were done
Its funny I wanted her to have my first son.
I cried
Something a man doesn’t admit.
It felt like I was lost and thrown in to a pit.
Pitch black with a shattered heart
She was my other half and I lost that part.
But life goes on and still the world turns
Another day ends and another lesson learned.
I didn’t think I could make it through the day
When she left and took that love away.
But I’m going to be o.k.
Because it’s just another day, walking in my shoes.

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