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Walking On Clouds
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Walking On Clouds

I woke up on a weird planet where
Everything was upside down
I was walking on clouds, and the sky
Was replaced by a gunmetal sea
Where the sun shone from below, and
My feet changed color and grew brown
There were neither people nor beasts,
Just gorgeous storks walking beside me

And when it rained fish from above,
The birds caught it with their beaks
Sick and tired of walking, I wished
I felt firm ground underneath
Then I faced a raven which said, ''There'll be
no escape when blood of the sinners leaks,
You're gonna bite the dust tomorrow
when it rains blood from beneath''

The heavy fog enfolded space, I was disoriented,
Wanting outa there any old how
When something seized hold of me, and as
I was raised up, I heard, ''Tomorrow is
a thousand years from now''

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Hi Robert, thanks for your comment.Actually I had a weird dream of being on an alien planet which resembled Earth a bit... With best wishes, Aram