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Walking On The Sea
DJW ( / Wyancloth, Michigan)

Walking On The Sea

Poem By Donald Joe Wall

As snowflakes faded away spring had come and gone, summer as well into
its days One day I was walking along the seashore the tide was coming in
Laughing gulls were flying through the blue sky, The wet breeze seem to
slip right through me. As I looked down their were seashells all over the
ground. And the sand was so warm to my feet when I looked down and their
was one sandle print laying in the sand. As I looked around there was not
a person to be found, only dolphins seem to be talking to me and sea turtles
were leaving the shore. Gray whales seem so close to me, sea otters are
feeding near by, like one happy family in this day and time.
A fishing boat is floating across the sea. When all of a sudden a storm
come rushing in and the hail was beating me to the sand lightning was
flashing across the sky and I thought I was going to die. When out of the
blue I saw Jesus walking on the sea then he calm the storm.
Then the sun was shining so bright that it blinded my eyes when I looked
back out to the sea he was no longer their. Then the wind seem to be
whispering to me. As I left the sea I wish I could see him just one
more time in this life of mine.

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