Walking Past Whats Real...

I pass her in the halls,
There once more my heart falls,
It falls and falls and falls,
And then all of a sudden theres a pause,
I love her it screams,
And then it hits me harder than my dreams,
She's the one for me,
And thats how it should be,
Yet another struggle lies in my path,
There's already 1+1 do the math,
It's been 89 days since i last touched her lips,
And her arms tight of such gentle grips,
Thoughts of her fill my mind of the summer that went so blind,
So blind from what was real that now i unwind,
It's to late i know it is,
but it wont keep me from what miss,
So confused in all your words,
There like no wings on the birds,
Were I can't go anywhere,
Nor the pain that i bare,
It's you I love and I've told you so,
But what gets me is that you want to know,
I've told you how i felt and what i feel,
Now It's up to you to close the deal,
All i want from you is the truth,
Not examples but the proof,
Is it over forever or just for now,
Or what do i do when were and how,
You told me that you were afraid If he left i wouldn't be there,
Well i have news for you hun I'm not going anywhere,
If you ever need me ill be there in a bunch,
Whether It's taking you somewhere or getting you lunch,
I'll be there for you cause i know my love is true,
Just like the way that i know the person I wanna be with is you,
The question is do I even have a chance if something goes wrong?
Could it be like that summer night song?
Would you love me till the sun goes down?
Would you smile and be happy and never frown?
You asked me over and over again how i felt,
When i said everything you said It's delt,
You said you still loved me but you love him too,
well what should i sit here and do,
I hope not to scare you but to show you my love,
For its much more greater than the heavens above,
You'll never forget about me no matter how hard you try,
Because you know if you do that id be a lie,
I was there when no one else was,
As I still am no matter what he does,
No matter the hurt I have I still have your friendship which will never be lost,
For the price i paid for your love was worth every cost,
Just don't forget about me as I won't you,
For you are my life and now I've got the clue,
I'm sorry for the nights I've made you cry,
For I wish that they would stop and die,
My hearts turned cold and conscious gone wild,
And now i know my true meaning in this world for its piled and piled,
I'm not sad baby I'm just alone in all this,
My feelings are lone while It's my fault they turned to piss,
I still watch certain movies that remind me of our times,
And of things that will last without all my whiles,
I bet you've forgot the first night we met,
You dressed of an angel,
Hair curly and long to mangle,
Sitting there wondering what would happen next,
While I starred down all those Mex,
My heart sown shut in the blink of a eye,
I never knew what true love was when it died,
I'd trade in anything to have you back,
It's ok cause the cheerleader the ball player its all to stack,
I know everything that lies upon your soul,
I know the truth about everything partial and whole,
No need for words that you not speak,
For we were once one and that I keep,
I know you from the deepest of your heart,
Like I've known you from the very start,

by david winkler

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