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Walking The Path Of A Dream
CA (8/8/1991 / )

Walking The Path Of A Dream

when I was a child I would lie awake at night
I'd think about life as I held my teddy bear tight
When I'm all grown up will i be satisfied
Will I wish I had taken a different ride

There was once a girl who lived in a tower
She was kind that's why she had power
There was a witch, poisond apples she gave out
She will be punished that I didn't doubt
The followers were prone to the evil course
A man saved the girl on a white horse

That was just a story book
My dreams to another world it took
Each one got their justice in the end
It made me think fate did they comprehend

What was my future is now my present
My passed feels so distant
I'm living that childs dream
A light for my desirers is starting to beam
My day to make a difference is today
I will find my way

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