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Walking The Shadows
JD (24th September 1987 / Royal Tunbridge Wells)

Walking The Shadows

Poem By James Davies

I have entered by some means the corridors of shadows,
Ever going on never ending.
Through some power I cannot halt in my quest to leave,
The corridors of shadows.
My mind has become to slow possibly due to the darkness,
Of the corridors with no light.
Darkness reigns here by some means of scaring a traveller,
That there is no way out.

Tensions are rising between my mind and me as I begin to,
Converse in harsh whispers.
My life seems to be ageing on a rapid scale,
As the darkness in my mind entangles as a snake does to its prey.
I begin to creep fearing someone will hear me,
For I can hear foot steps approaching my position.
The particles of my mind,
Are falling into an abyss of darkness.

I feel that something is trying to follow my soft foot steps,
As I travel through darkness and shadow.
My instincts tell me I’m nearing my goal, I don’t think I am,
Every door I encounter leads me to more darkness.
I have come to a shadowy central chamber filled with ghostly,
Books, ornaments and strange shadowy beings.
They all tell me that I have being travelling on a journey,
To find my chance for Transcendence.

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