VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Walking Through My Mind

Falling back, to explore the vessels of my mind
Somewhere inside this cathedral, that I can find
The workings of these ever, obligatory equations
The point that of an infinitely, higher inspiration

Deep echoes, of a moment long past, and vanished
Conjure in me something powerful, and unfinished
Like the crescendo of this choir, that speaks of this
Language of a comprehensive diarist, of unfelt bliss

Fathom the unspeakable, and covet with genteelism
Thus the many colours blend the garden, of realism
Walk the pathways, winding and infinitely designed
That the voyage of my life be never, of the resigned

Reaching with hands unhindered, and yet so bound
Within the imprisonment of a morality, I am found
At the crossroads leading to the forest, or the ocean
Captured in this decisive poignancy, of my creation

May I be forever knelt, before the pinnacle of trust?
Recalling histories of times of love, honour and lust
Rekindle imageries, like the photos of time stood still
The paintings hang on walls, for the perceptive thrill

So travelled in life’s great education, yet so limited
In physical voyage to foreign lands, yet unvisited
For my pages are of pictures, the corridors of myself
Collectables of experiences, upon window and shelf

Create the thinking, and forage the seeking of flight
To talk the queries, of boundless curiosities in sight
Touching the hazardous, and be safe in this ignorance
That dangers lye in many factions, so claim penitence

That an energy; may drive and flow through me again
To enable the breaking of these walls, without the pain
So that no price is ever asked, by karma or conclusion
For this is what it the means, to be free, without illusion

The requesting of this, far from the grasp of mankind
So in time I wish rest, to awake to a new world signed
Many pathways to knowledge, of a higher deciphering
Only then will it be, of this world’s truest awakening

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Wonderful, lyrical, and flowing!