Walking To Her Eternal Home

The work of the day was over
And the yearning to be home clutched her like a hang-over;
Her friend’s warning halted her a little but her yearning toppled it over
As the gloomy path across the silent park seemed a quick bridge-over;
Never had she dreamt that in a few moments everything would be over.
Walking, she talked across Indian Ocean of her love to her man;
Putting their daughter to bed, he savored her voice as her wedded man;
But- Her yell out could not save her from the stalking thief
Nor could the authorities across the globe and their grief.
Pleading with the beast of a man, she fell down dripping blood,
Felled like a frail duck against the brutal force of his cold blood.
Hearing her fatal scream the hubby shrieked like a cursed cherubim
Pressing the panic buttons with grim words that filled to the brim
The Ocean from India to Australia; but alas! The woman is dead!
Another techie waylaid by a wayward vagabond! Alas, she is dead!
Her friend warned her to not take the route across the park to reach home
But she ventured it to get home quickly and she did; only her eternal home!


by Swamidhason Francis

Comments (2)

I remember this sad incident very well. I lived nearby, in Westmead.
A heartbreaking poem, Swamidhason. Thank you for posting Peace