Walking With The King

My burdens are lighter, my days are brighter...
and my views, about life have changed.
I have nor dread of anything; since I have been
walking with the KING.
My mind is clearer, my love grows dearer...
as I read His word' each day.
Don't nothing seem to be the same in my life:
since I'm letting Him' lead my way. I'm enduring all that life in this world has to
offer; that before my heart feared..." Trials,
tribulations, woes, laughter, joys,...
And happiness, that sometimes flows in tears. The burdens, I tried to bear alone: has become
my submission... as others- their problems-
I now can correlate- in a prominent reality.
It's my joy, to know, I'm pleasing His SOVERNITY.
I wouldn't for all the wealth- " My NEW LIFE'
change: For- there is nothing like...

by Alma D. Dargan

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