Poem Hunter
JT (29/01/1982 / United Kingdom)


A wall is built,
Not to climb or to look from the top,
But to protect from what we hate.
Eyes falling on everyone,
Judged by class,
The system is wrong.
Serving people with a smile,
Even though the only emotion travelling through the body is hate.
Treated like a slave,
With no word of thanks
The suit is worn,
To look down upon the world.
For me to know what is right,
I judge, in that I find my flaw.
Wanting the world to better place,
Who am I to say it’s not?
Who I’m to judge?
When the facts are proven,
Am I one to argue?
To tar everyone with the same brush,
Would that be any further from the truth?
A wall is built in ignorance,
To save myself from the politics.

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