Dancing On The Wind

I am the song of the voice inside you
set to the rhythm of the wind
a hint of a breeze that blows around you
right then.....catch your breath, hold it in
you will know somehow... its different
as if the breath... in its exhalation
will be a cleansing of the past
hold your arms out...
try and catch what you cant see
That fleeting feeling...that need... that will be me
The small flurries that you see rise and whirl unexpectedly
will be my dance for you
you will hear the echo of my laughter
and you will smile for me too

by Debra Cranford

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Along the path and the sidewalk, well on his way To readjusting the business of the earth.
I found a quote by David Wagoner that might shed some light on his poetry style: The more experience I have and the older I get, the more I seem to recognize the correlation between what a poet does and what a trained singer does. There are many connections between singing a song right and making a poem right.
This poem should be resubmitted, typed so that it can be read.
Very interesting poem about, arguably, the greatest poet of the 20th century.