Poem Hunter
MD (9 April 1974 / Cape Town)


The walls I built were hight and strong
No one was getting in to hurt me again
I thought I found a place where I belong
But all that brought was hurt and pain

I promised no more love and no more trust
I left scars on the outside to remind me
I believed I was doing the best - what I must
I thought that this is what my life should be

There must have been a crack in the wall
I had no plans to let anyone in - not even a friend
I never thought I'd be caught off guard - that I would fall
And now I care and I don't want this to end

Waht started as lust has become more
The walls are weakening, they're not so strong
Between my heart and mind there is a war
My heart says yes, my mind says your're wrong

Everyone says take a chance, you never know
But I'm afraid, so very scared
Take a chance, something may grow
How did this happen, I thought my heart was dead

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