Poem By John Don

i grieve to see a face so sad
jagged edges on a mountain cliff
r u really happy?
r u really sad?
the wind blew off your hair
it did not flow, its dead
an angelic face, innocent eyes
so pure yet you know things
i want to see you cry
like a new born baby
i want to see you smile
a smile that will make me cry
u walk on roses before
now u walk on concrete =(
dreams and oceans you hold
hold it tight
put it in a box
we are longing to have u back
reach for us
and will climb mountains
and swim the 7 seas
well walk on thorns
and give u ur roses back
i dream for that day
we dream for that day....

Comments about Walls

Your longing is well said and painted on the walls. H
i like the concept of the wall.

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