Walls [2]

From far off in space
the wall of China can be seen
and man erects walls
to keep enemies out,
to keep citizens in
and likes the dividing
as if some perpetual evil
is driving him that has power
and shatters the lives of people
by keeping them separate and apart

but the most important wall
is the one guarding the soul, the heart
and beyond masks we sneak and hide
sometimes let people in to our thoughts,
expressing our feelings
or we simply shut them out.

At times the look in your eyes
is meaningless
as if shatters have been drawn,
as walls have been erected
and then they do not need
eyelids to close them,
as the windows to the soul
is shut as if nothing can get in
and at other times I see stars shining,
as if a wide new horizon
build on foundations of trusting
is stretching out to your heart.

by Gert Strydom

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