Walls Come Tumbling Down

I've driven around your block so many times
chasing myself in circles
lost, screaming, raving, raging like a crazy person
honking, endangering myself and others
did you hear me?
i cussed at an old lady
i refused to ask for directions
i flipped of a jerk with his
stereotypical loud stereo
he wanted attention,
so i gave it to him

it took me forever to find your house
it took me a while to remember
because i guess i'm just stupid

if you want me to drive around for
7 days and then honk my horn
i'd do it
i'd listen to you
you make me crazy
you make me so crazy

by Justin Tang

Comments (1)

Yah being in love makes us crazy, but I hopes it won't make us lost our minds! A 10.