Walls Of Darkness-Iii

Poem By Geoff Warden

Though uncertain of how change has taken place
A work of glory could I truely see
this land so rendered in darkness of pain
has started to look like a true family

one by one they reach to the other
giving ear to a story being told
releasing the bondage of brother of sister
forward motion has now taken hold

The river that encircles now turned black
holds the only dirt to be found
the walls that entrapped holding in
have fallen to the ground

Though stories were told no judgement rendered
this the deep planted proverbial seed
that erased the strong hold of darkness
and infilled a lands deeper need........

Comments about Walls Of Darkness-Iii

Excellent poem, once again-------Thankyou--Melvina
And the hits just keep comin'...Nice segmenting...Keep it on comin'! ''''''''''''''''fjr
And the hits just keep comin'...Nice segmenting...Keep it on comin'! ''''''''''''''''fjr

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