Walls To Be Broken

Poem By Laura Cummings

When you breathe i feel you breath in my lungs,
When you run i have to catch my breath,
People dont see what i see...
But then, you dont either,
Sometimes i wonder exactly what you do see when you look in the mirror,
When i look at you i only see light,
When everywhere else is covered in darkness,
Even my heart,
So far only one person has broken that barrier,
But i need to let someone else through,
Hopefully you,
Because when that one person leaves,
Ill be left to die,
So ill slowly let you in,
While preparing someone else to keep me alive,
Once you dessert me also,
But no matter what i do,
One day i will be completely alone,
The blood in my viens running cold,
The thoughts in my head turning numb,
And your son,
Will walk over my grave,
Not even realising that he is walking,
On the love,
That you should have saved.

Comments about Walls To Be Broken

Very strong meaning, I love this poem. thank you. Love, Kat sorrow

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