Waltzing To The Sound Of The Sunset

He is the left,
a colour of grey and violet.
This twisting, somber,
indecisive, beautiful,
Dancing representation of
The aftermath of Heartbreak,
of prolonged disaster,
of discontentment.

She is the right,
a colour of radiance, orange.
This glowing, bubbly,
inspiring, poetic,
Dancing representation of
Life personified,
of glory,
of acceptance.

They are waltzing,
Colours collide.
This intimate swirl of magic,
A story never shared.

Orange invades the left.
A tight spin,
Balanced on faith,
Into the colour.

He pulls her close.
Tightly, they bound.
A dotted pattern alights
Their footsteps.

Continually, they
Dance across the sky,
one side to another.
The sun decents
in its westward way.
He moves toward the orb,
Gliding with the music
'Till the sun climbs beneath
its silky covers.
And twilight's green glow
overtakes them both.

Then, she becomes the stars.
He the moon.
They rest together,
in harmony.
Until the sun awakes,
And the music

by Lilly Rose

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