I seldom wander to the world that no one considered my

presence, to the world that i think i don't belong, it made me an

outlaws....Beyond my my existence, I felt i dot exist.......

I stuck to the world that full of uncontrolled behaviors,

motives and dissatisfaction's.to the world that full of negative


When, where can i find my own world? ? free from anything, desires

freeds my confusions, my limitations of life, in fact full of sacrifices

and challenges..

I still wander, wandering to find my own destinations.

Where am i? ? am i lost? ? or maybe i have been lost for a long time..

Soon I will forget anything, my way back home and even myself,

my own world where i still don't belong! ! !

But before i forgotten....

Let me say the words 'help me'to find my way again.

Let me be my guide to find my self again to my own destinations.

To stop wandering, that made me LOST....mgm

by Michelle Garces Maraon

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