Make a wish
And save the broken pieces for later,
Because all tomorrow's
Hopes and dreams
Were made for this moment.

You're hiding deep,
Moving slow, but
That kiss you always
Lusted for mixed with nighttime's
Sweet wine waits for
No one but you.

Love is patient.
It knows its own reflection-
Hungers for those special moments
Twinged in your heart,
More stubborn than you.

Lady of Grace,
Goddess of Love,
Queen of Desire,
Who kissed from the heart
Where the brutish arrow struck...

Awake! For you are higher than this.

The mists of the pains of packaged love
Were never meant for you-
That terrible beauty of woman
From which all others pale.

What you've tasted is another's poison,
One who could never ascend,
Never fly to your crests,
And yet you still hide beneath.

Your justice awaits you-
A soul that could never deny
And remain in hold of your passions
Like the green in a new shoot of grass.

In wandering lost
You find yourself...
But now, can you be found?
Can the Queen find herself
Above it all?

Your dominion is your own,
As so it always should be.
You are not in the flavor of the hunted
Just passionately desired...

By the one who seeks to
See your eyes in shine,
Watch you dance free,
And know your heart

As closely as he knows you in his own.

by Tsani Jones

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