DL (February 8 1987 / Moscow, Russia)


I wander through the streets aimlessly,
Observing the greed and hate,
Overlooking the pain inflicted upon innocent souls,
My heart tearing apart slowly,
As the streets develop more and more cracks,
So does my heart,
Waiting to be finally broken into a thousand pieces,
To be scattered across the cold and emotionless waters of the earth.

Why was it me who was chosen for this task?
Why is it my soul that has to be tortured with the misery that falls upon the earth,
I have sinned,
And now my soul is paying for it dearly with this task.

A legend says that at one point all of my kind meet the one,
A human so pure that his soul might free my enslaved one,
I have met this human...

Her eyes gazed into mine,
As pure as the glaciers that float about were her eyes,
Her skin dark,
The color of when the sun is setting and meets darkness,
So pure...

She said she has been waiting for me,
My empty and cold heart does not utter a word,
For I know why I have come,
And even though my heart has almost transformed into a stone,
It starts melting,
It starts living again,
And it starts hurting...

I do not have the heart to take her pure soul,
I cannot, for it would be a sin,
But this is my task,
The only way to free my own troubled soul...

She takes my hand and I feel the warmth of the desert,
She says it will be alright,
And she finally finishes off her thought,
I forgive you....

It has been done,
She is no longer amongst the evil and hate filled humans,
Her innocent soul up in heaven,
Her body cold and emotionless,
Not moving....

I once again wander through the city,
Through the city of lost angels,
Through the city of lost names and souls,
Like myself,
I once again search for a pure one,
Yet my heart now does not want to do this anymore,
Her soul was not enough to free mine,
But I no longer can take more than I already have,

I wander the streets,
Cursing my previous life,
Cursing myself for all I have done,
I ask for forgiveness,
Yet it does not come,
I Wander the earth,
Looking for souls that will free mine,

I am the Angel of Death...

by Dima Lazarev

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