Wandering Lost? ? ?

We’ll wander here, saunter there
With pain, trouble and strife
In search of something anywhere
Giving eternal life

Everywhere people are dying
With selfishness in mind
Wherever sin’s multiplying
To keep them lost and blind

Who today, will cease to wander
Pray Heaven to forgive
Seek before, death’s dawn out yonder
Salvation’s Way, to live

Who’ll accept the bible’s teaching?
Believe what Prophets say
Attentive hear, Preachers preaching
And willingly obey

While life reveals creations’ hand
Reveals God’s wonders plain
Pray wisdom, to understand
How one is born again

Enter again one’s mother’s womb
Be wondrously reborn
Escaping grave, death’s grasping tomb
To see life’s endless dawn

How can this come, how can this be
How can one lost, believe?
This miracle, to live, to see
And wondrously receive

Lift up your heart, raise up your eyes
Praise God for all He’s done
On eagle wings faithful arise
In strength of Christ God’s Son…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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