Poem By Omar Ali Sabar

When plundering hearts' desires
drown the reasoning mind
through marshland mires
that boat I'll find
Sail I shall to
the seas open arms
moonlight skies
and starlight charms
your breath in pulls
it into motion
a witness to
my hearts devotion
Will I reach that
realm oh so dreamed?
where you shalst be
crowned 'my queen'
Is there love
like this ever seen?
so clasped, so grasped
those unbreakable seams
two hearts joined with
the sounds of thunder
not even explosions
cleft them asunder
For I know
I will have found thee
by the light at the shoreline
I've longed to see

For someone very special, beyond the oceans, amongst the stars

Comments about Wanderlust

Excellent imagery, Omar... the last four lines truly held me enchanted for quite sometime...Lovely!
This poem reminds me of my college days of great poets like Yeats.Thank you for sharing.
very nice, i really loved it....10 Hataw
A beautifully worded piece of verse Omar, well done, Andrew
Dear, ''Wander-Lust' is a mater piece. i don't know whether you had read any romantic poet from english literature. Sir, i feel the urge to yield oneself to the dreams of a union with beloved. It is as lovely as it needs to be on UNION. I would bit exaggerate to say - as some of people may object to my view point- that yearning is much better than what should be enjoyable in union. The true love is bit inconcievable. So, the true manifestations of dream.I feel, we have much amount of our energies invested in dreams. so, we must not bet it with union. However, Ishaque Samejo calls it - Rolak ji Diary (The diary of a wanderer) - as what you call as Wander Lust. Sir, Heard melodies are sweeter, those unheard are sweetest. [Keats] So, waiting for much more sweet thoughts.

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