MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Wanksta!


a one-line poem in itself;
a sociological truffle
to be sniffed, snorted and snaffled
by academic hogstas;

a British schoolboy taunt
for a sad loser
with more than a hint of
adolescent sexual guilt
and strengthened by the shouts
of football terraces

now fierce with
the combative
two fingers to Culture
black ethos of the deprived
asserting its claim,
rappin ' on the door, yea, rappin' on the door
of that same Kulcha

yet mediated by the assertive
individual competition
of those same cultural fighters
taunting each other,
schoolboys with loaded guns


wanksta, wanksta,
yo ain't no gangsta

a word that's all front
and no back

but as a poet
I enjoy it

this youngsta
on the block
of living language

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Comments (3)

i love this poem. this brilliant. good usage of language.
Your fascination with language and its origins serves you in good stead in this poem. A witty and engaging read
This is a powerful and engaging poem, Michael. I think the line, 'a word that's all front and no back' is terribly good.