(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Wanna Bake A Cake?

What fun it is to bake a cake
Designed and baked by me
I love creating this wonderful
Sweet and pretty delicacy

There are many different cakes
For every single occasion
It’s what ever a person likes
So many sugary persuasions

A birthday cake can be designed
For a kid or an adult either one
You can put on what the person likes
Whether it’s a husband, daughter or son

Easter cakes are fun as well
And wedding cakes are very fancy
You could always make a dirt cake
But it may be a little bit chancy

Or perhaps you find a contest
And try to make the fanciest one there
You use all kinds of decorations
Going by rules to make it fair

Whatever kind of cake you make
I know you’ll have such fun
Just as sweet outside as inside
And admired by everyone!

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