Wanna Be A Part Of Your Heart

I know we can never be together,
but my love for you will last forever,
let's go back to the days of our college,
which was popularly known as the world of knowledge,
yes, we gained the knowledge of love,
which was far more supreme and above,
above all the secondary things named as studies,
as it was more important to enjoy with the buddies,
attending classes everyday for the sake of my feelings,
feelings for you; though i was afraid of revealing,
months had passed with just a little gazing,
all i knew was that you were just so amazing,
i wished you knew all i felt,
but one day i stood with my medical reports that made my heart melt,
i was more scared of never seeing you back than to die,
i was admitted to hospital and was given a bed to lie,
ronie told me, now you know, all that you did not,
i am sorry boy for hiding them but you really meant a lot,
i am here now, on the bed, just waiting for my end,
still wanting this situation to amend,
i know its too late to confess things now,
as i m already dying,
but still i want you to know that,
i just wanna be a part of your heart,
to never be apart from your heart...

by Gazal kothari

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