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Poem By Danny Taylor

I loathe the empty chair where she once sat,
The wood and cushion that smile the empty smile,
I can only sit beside the window now,
Only to find solace in the minuscule chance that beyond it her figure will appear,
My happiness wilts into pathetic diffidence,
Seeing in black,
Thinking only in grey,
So I sleep awake with eyes wide shut,
With unbroken longing for one more,
One more scent,
One more kiss,
One more day,
Frenzied I turn to the steel clutched in my fist,
I pray for compassion from the reaper who taunts me,
What pensive thoughts do dare to show themselves in my mind now?
But my vigilance of the end decays slowly into a dream,
Because with dreams bring life again,
With dreams bring hope again,
And there I see her in the chair.

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Can visualise it, feel it, share the hope, see the return in dreams. Smart, atmospheric work here. t x