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Romantic and crazy
Music knows no bounds
Whether a creation
Of ancient
Musical instruments
Or modern
Electronic music system.
A multiple choice
Facing the mob
Resisting resistance
On pins and needles
Worldly greets
Enjoying the beats.

Selecting selection
For an affordable music
Emerging distant dream.
Primitive racial bands
Performing ancient
Music and dance
Doubts over the demand.

Music knows no bounds
Whatever the creation
For amusement or fun
Fizz, frisk and froth
Frivolity or triviality
Staying all up to date
Missing that rustic lore
Making the most
Of an opportunity
In all fairness
Its inherent sweetness.

What it's like to
If, not listening
With one's mind and soul
Ears and eyes getting sore.
If, not living and eating
To one's tang or taste

What if like sheep
Jumping into the well
Without contemplation
And meditation.

-Copyright © hrsharma ®2017
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

by Hans Raj Sharma

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